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Raúl Lozano, Esq

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Raúl Lozano, Esq

Dr. Raul Lozano Merino is a founding partner of Lozano &Cia, is specialist in International Corporate Law, graduated from `Pontifical Catholic University of Peru` also holds a Master`s degree from the same University in International Economic Law. In addition, has a doctorate (Phd.) degree from San Marco University. Dr. Lozano was a legal advisor to many famous brand companies and currently exercising his legal practice through his law firm with a help of his qualified team, where his law practice has had the legacy since 1985. Mr. Lozano has reached great achievements in his past in current positions, such as:

Además, ostenta los siguientes presentes y pasados cargos:

  • Ex-President of  Interamerican law Association (FIA) 2002-2003.
  • Honorary Consul of Democratic Republic of Latvia.
  • President of Peruvian-Baltic Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ex-Vice-president of Chamber of Commerce of Lima 2016-2018.
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